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“From the moment the first notes of the trio by Claude Debussy reached my ears, I knew that this evening would be an unforgettable experience.” (I. León in La Jornada, Mexico)


In 1999 the GELIUS TRIO was founded and counts among the reknowned piano trios.

The two string players' experience as concertmasters of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, playing under the direction of the most famous conductors in our epoch, is exceedingly enriching the cooperation. The eponym Micael Gelius knows how to let the piano sing, empatheticly accompanying but also showing his pianistic finesses.

The trio is known for the unity of the musicians' phrasings and for tonal beauty, passion and depth of feeling.

Its extensive repertory includes trios from the classic to the contemporary period documented on six CDs.

Sreten Krstic plays a violin made by Nicolaus Gagliano and Michael Hell a cello made by his brother Januarius Gagliano in 1736.

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